Milovia Nappy Review


Yesterday I ordered a Milovia pocket nappy from Fill Your Pants.

Milovia are a new brand to the UK, and are shipped over from Poland.

On first impressions, it looks lovely. The stitching is neat and all the poppers press shut nicely with a flush finish. The outer of the nappy is made from printed PUL in a super cute print, with the inner made from crisp white microfleece. So there’s no need for use of a fleece liner as a stay dry layer.

It is a one sized nappy from 8-35lbs, so birth to potty. I love the leg and back elastics which haven’t left red marks.

This nappy has a front opening for stuffing in the inserts, which I like. It’s great for getting inserts out if the nappy has been soiled. The leg and back elastics are nice and soft – and haven’t left any red marks which is a plus.

Here’s a few photos:


Here you can see the 3 snap rise which is very simple to adjust to your baby’s size.


Nice and wide opening to stuff in the inserts:


Thick back elastic for a snug fit without digging in:


And a few on the bum shots:



Despite the super cute print and the soft elastics, I soon found myself really disliking my Milovia Nappy because of wing droop. A cloth bummers worst nightmare. No matter which rise setting I used, or snaps on the waist, within 5 minutes it had drooped to the point where my toddler could pee out of the side. Which did actually happen on more than one occasion. And even when the nappy did manage to catch a wee, the drooping became worse with the weight from wet soakers.

I got to the point where I sold it on because I absolutely hated using it. I mean, I may as well have left him nappyless for all the good it did.

Even on my 27lb toddler, it really needs an additional snap to stop wing droop. I have to say, I am quite disappointed that this has not been something Milovia thought about. Even my cheap £10 Baba+Boo pocket nappies have this additional snap on the wings to stop drooping, and they’re considered a budget brand.

At a whopping £19.99, I won’t be rushing to buy another. The wing droop issue aside, in my opinion, it’s just not something I would spend almost £20 on when there are other nappies out there that are on par quality wise, and are £5-£10 cheaper, with better performance and fit.

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    • 8th January 2014 / 11:15 am

      I haven’t, but I will check them out!

  1. 27th January 2015 / 3:00 pm

    I have been on the verge of buying their new bam boom wrap, purely because of the print, but stopped myself as its a lot of money, do glad I did now I’ve read your review, thanks hun

  2. 27th January 2015 / 3:34 pm

    I don’t have the nappy, only a wrap and find it great. Almost as good as the bumgenius flips wraps – place insert and if necessary booster and away you go x

  3. Fleur
    11th March 2015 / 12:29 pm

    Can you explain what wing droop is, I’m not a native english speaker and I don’t really understand.