Lena Cup Sensitive Menstrual Cup Review

Lena Cup Sensitive Review by Eco Fluffy Mama

Back in 2016, I reviewed the Lena Cup, which I really loved. As a new brand, the cup was very well received by users. And I can see why; it’s a fantastic cup and the customer service is amazing. But, not everyone got on with the cup as some people suffer from sensitivity regarding the firmness of the cup. Instead of just ignoring their customers, Lena Cup listened and a little while ago launched a brand new version of their cup. The Lena Cup Sensitive.

The lovely folks at Lena Cup sent me over their new cup in both sizes to give a whirl.

Inside The Box

The sensitive cups each come in a white and blue stripey box. The packaging is printed with vegetable ink on recycled paper. Also included is a leaflet that explains how to use the cup and all about the brand.

Both of the cups came with their own little cotton drawstring pouch to store them in.

Lena Cup Measurements

Just like the original cup, the sensitive is exactly the same in terms of sizing. Here are those measurements:

Small Lena Cup

41mm diameter | Total length (cup and stem) 71mm | Cup length 46mm | Stem length 25mm | Volume 25ml

Large Lena Cup

45mm diameter | Total length (cup and stem) 70.5mm | Cup length 50.7mm | Stem length 19.7mm | Volume 30ml


The Lena Cup Sensitive is made in the USA from 100% medical grade silicone. It is also FDA approved.

The lena cup sensitive is ideal for those with sensitive bladders who didn't get on the the original lena cup

Appearance & Use

Both of the sensitive cups are an opaque white colour. They’re also bell-shaped, just like the original version, which means that they can be shorter whilst still holding a good volume of liquid. The base has decent grip rings, and the stem is very flexible.

The airholes are super easy to clean due to size, which is always useful. As these cups are a sensitive version, they’re soft. I would say similar to the Diva Cup in softness.

The Lena Sensitive opened up easily, despite being a soft cup. I was able to manoeuvre it into place easily and experience no leaks. With the original Lena Cup, I was fine with the cup in the day but found at night that I noticed a little pressure on my bladder when trying to sleep. I am a tummy sleeper so one of the reasons I was so keen to try the new sensitive version, was to see if it made a difference at night. And it did. I couldn’t feel a thing. Huzzah!

When it came to removal, I found that I needed to run my finger alongside the cup to break the seal. It was extremely comfortable to remove once at the entrance of my vagina, so that’s a huge plus.

Final Thoughts

I think it’s fantastic that Lena Cup listened to feedback regarding needing a cup for people who suffer from sensitivities. Releasing a new cup to accommodate those who struggled with the original really shows they value their customers.

Like the original Lena Cup, this cup is good for people who need a good capacity cup but need a shorter length.

Overall, I really rate the Lena Cup Sensitive. I find myself reaching for it more than the original, especially for night time sleeping. If you’re looking for a soft cup, I think this is one to consider and I would definitely recommend it to my readers.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Lena Cup Sensitive, use code ECOFLUFFY15 for 15% off and hop over to the Lena Cup website.

Have you or would you try this cup?

This post contains PR samples - all opinions are my own.

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  1. catherine
    2nd March 2018 / 5:14 pm


    Thanks for your review on this cup. I have the Claricup and very happy about it but wondering if the Lena sensitive is/feels the same as the Claricup?
    I also own the MeLuna M Classic and it hurts as I find it too firm…

    Thanks a lot!!


    • sugarmouse
      14th March 2018 / 4:56 pm

      Hi Catherine,

      I had the same issue as you and bought a small ruby cup. It’s on the soft side of medium but opens without any problems. With other cups I could feel them on my bladder and continually felt the urge to urinate, I have no such issues with the ruby cup. I can’t comment on the other cups because I haven’t tried them. I hope you find one which works for you. For me it was 3rd time lucky and I doubt I will ever buy any other cup brand. Ruby cup do a buy one donate one scheme as well so every time you buy one they donate one to a needy girl in Africa. It’s also cruelty free and vegan friendly. I don’t work for Ruby cup nor am I sponsored by them. I just love the cup.