Eco Femme Cloth Pad Review

Eco Femme cloth pad review made from cotton which is breatheable

Eco Femme is a fantastic initiative that’s based out in India. The women there are paid a fair wage to make the Eco Femme cloth pads, and for each 1 sold, 1 pad is given back into a girl in India.

Sizing & Absorbency Details

Day Pad Plus – regular/heavy

10.5″ Length | 2.5″ Wide

The Eco Femme day pad plus is backed with cotton and have a PUL waterproof layer. It’s topped with cotton flannel and has a core that consists of 6 layers of cotton.

The cotton topper on this Eco Femme pas is very breatheable and keeps me cool during my period

How The Pad Performed

The Eco Femme day pad plus fits my underwear really well. And because the backing fabric is cotton, it doesn’t move about whatsoever.

I’ve worn this cloth pad on both heavy and regular flow days with no trouble at all and no leaks. I much prefer wearing this pad with a regular flow as I find that the length is perfect for those days. The Eco Femme day pad plus coped with my gushes well, which is one of the reasons I do prefer cotton flannel over woven cotton.

Overall I was pretty darn comfy wearing my Eco Femme day pad plus.


The Eco Femme cloth pad washed up really well. No issues with shrinkage but the topping has started to pill a little which is common with flannel. The pad dried pretty fast (about 1 -2 hours) out on the line out in warm weather. I expect that it’ll dry overnight inside during the cooler months.

Final Thoughts

I really like this cloth pad by Eco Femme. It fits my underwear really well and is comfortable to wear. The length is perfect for my regular flow days, and I’d really love to try the night pad.

I would definitely recommend Eco Femme cloth pads to my readers as they’re very well made and affordable.

Eco Femme is available to purchase from Earthwise Girls (Use code ECOFLUFFYMAMA for 10% off).

Have you tried Eco Femme cloth pads or would you? Let me know in the comments!

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