Mooncup Menstrual Cup Review

Mooncup Review - the Mooncup is a UK brand of menstrual cup made from medical grade silicone

Mooncup is a UK based brand that pretty much everyone recognises. In fact, many people refer to menstrual cups as a Mooncup. That’s how well known this brand is. And it’s no surprise really, they’ve been around for 15 years and started selling in 2002. Mooncup is the first ever menstrual cup made from medical grade silicone.

Inside The Box

The Mooncup comes in a white cardboard box. Inside of the box is a little instructional booklet on how to use and care for the cup. Also included is the Mooncup with a cotton drawstring pouch.

Cup Measurements

The Mooncup is available in two sizes: Size A for people who’ve given birth or are aged 30+ and Size B for people who haven’t given birth and are under the age of 30. Although, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s more accurate to measure your cervix height and go by flow.

Size A

46mm diameter | Total length (cup and stem) 71mm | Cup length 50mm | Stem length 21mm | Capacity (to air holes) 15ml

Size B

43mm diameter | Total length (cup and stem) 71mm | Cup length 50mm | Stem length 21mm | Capacity (to air holes) 13ml

Although the capacity to the airholes is fairly low, it is possible to fill the cup past the airholes and to the rim (Although please be advised this can make removal a little messy). For size A the capacity is 29ml and for size B it’s 28ml.

The Mooncup offers two sizes - one for people who haven't given birth and another for those that have

Appearance & Use

The Mooncup is made from a semi opaque medical grade silicone with a peachskin texture. Inside the cup are two measuring lines which are useful to track your flow. The stem is rounded and hollow, with several raised rings for grip. The base of the Mooncup also has a couple of raised rings which aid grip for cup removal. The Mooncup is v-shaped with a high quality finish.

The Mooncup is a medium firmness. I’d say it’s pretty similar to the OrganiCup and JuJu Cup

I find the cup is super easy to fold, insert and open. Personally, I really like using the triangle fold or punchdown with the Mooncup. But that’s just my personal preference. Because the rim on this cup is quite prominent, I try to manouvre it in a way that it’s angled backwards inside my vagina so that it doesn’t press on my bladder. You see, my bladder is very sensitive and menstrual cups with rims like this tend to make me feel like I need to pee a lot. But don’t let that put you off – I know plenty of Mooncup users who don’t experience this whatsoever.

Once I’ve positioned the Mooncup exactly how is comfortable for me, I find it pretty comfortable during the day with no leaking. I don’t use this cup at night just because the rim, even when angled away, does irritate my bladder as I sleep on my front.

As mentioned above, the Mooncup has a pretty low capacity to the airholes but it’s possible to fill above these. I don’t mind filling my cup to the rim as I’ve got removal down to a knack without making a mess. Talking about removal – I find it’s really easy to remove the Mooncup. The grips on the stem and base allows for a good grip. A pinch to the base is all I need to break the seal and remove. Super easy!

Final Thoughts

I think that the Mooncup is a fantastic brand because they basically paved the way for other medical grade silicone cups to exist. I do wonder whether we’d have all the cups available today if it hadn’t been for Mooncup.

The cup itself is very high quality and the customer service at Mooncup is fantastic. My only gripe is that I wish they’d re-design to do away with the prominent rim. But with that said, I do like the Mooncup. Providing you don’t have a sensitive bladder, I think this is a fantastic cup.

If you’d like to buy a Mooncup, you can purchase from retailers such as Natural Collection*, Ethical Superstore*, Earthwise Girls, BabiPur and Feminine Wear.

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  1. 15th August 2017 / 6:08 pm

    Wondering what your thoughts are on why the Mooncup would get stuck? I used the larger size since I’m over 30, but it seemed to turn itself sideways and there was 20 minutes of frantically trying to get it out! Went back to pads after which was a shame. Thanks in advance.