Green Skin & Haircare Favourites Winter 2017

I’ve been meaning to do a quarterly favourites post for some time now. But each time I thought about it, I ended up prioritizing another post. Well, I’ve finally sat down and snapped my current Winter 2017 skin and haircare faves to share with you all! These are all products I am super enthusiastic about right now. From organic hair baths, right through to CBD oil balm for sore joints. You’ll find an array of different products and brands featured here. Enjoy!

Green Haircare Faves

From L-R: Oway Silk ‘n Glow Hair Bath, Pure Potions Natural Shampoo, Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask, Evolve Hair Oil

The Oway silk ‘n glow hair bath and moisturizing hair masks are an absolute winter staple for my hair. I find with central heating that my hair seems to dry out quite a bit. Not to mention it gets quite fluffy. These two products help smooth my hair and add much needed moisture back, too. After my hair is dry, I love to add the hair oil from Evolve to the mid lengths and ends of my hair to give it extra nourishment. The oil is quite light, so it doesn’t weigh down hair. The natural shampoo from Purepotions isn’t something I personally use often on myself. However, I use it on my son a LOT. He has a very dry scalp that’s extremely dandruff prone. This is the only shampoo that’s worked for him. Plus it’s 99.9% natural which is a huge plus and very important to me. A must have if you have dandruff or eczema.


Scrubs and Shave Faves

From L-R: Miel Botanicals Shave Brush & Soap, Muhle Safety Razor, Isla Apothecary Sugar Scrub

When I bought my rose gold Muhle safety razor* (Which is amazing, by the way), I looked for a vegan shaving brush. I struggled to find one that was vegan, and those that were vegan were horrifically expensive. So when Miel Botanicals contacted me about their prosecco shave soap and vegan shaving brush, I practically bit their hand off. The soap is fantastic at giving a good lather, and it doesn’t gunk up my razor blade. The prosecco soap smells so good and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. The vegan shaving brush helps lift hairs for a better shave, along with distributing the soap lather. Both are fantastic and super affordable. But, before I use the soap, I like to exfoliate with the sugar scrub by Isla Apothecary. In winter my skin gets dry, and the sugar scrub helps moisturize my skin aswell as exfoliating dead skin. I’ve written about zero waste shaving, so if you’re interested please go check out my post.


Facial Skincare Faves

From L-R: Inlight Night Balm, Dafna’s Nutrition Cream, Aurelia Skincare Miracle Cleanser, Rawgaia Organic Hemp Glow Mist

Winter is very harsh on my face. I get very dry, flakey skin. Sometimes when it’s bad, my skin cracks and bleeds. I also notice my eczema reappears across my face during cold weather. For years I’ve struggled finding a balm that doesn’t make my skin feel like an oil slick, regardless of how little I use. The Inlight Night Balm is a new discovery for me despite the brand being one I’ve used for a little while. I only need a teency bit of the balm to do my entire face. It sinks in well and really helps give my skin the moisture it needs. An absolute must have.

Like the Inlight Night Balm, the Nutrition cream from Dafna’s has been a miracle product for me. Along with dry skin during winter, I’ve been really struggling with my skin due to malnutrition from my Gastroparesis. My skin has flaked all over, been looking very dull, grey almost. Not to mention my hair went brittle and started falling out. But anway, when the lovely Dafna sent me a message about her Nutrition Cream, I was SO thankful. I’d heard so much about it and I felt it would truly help nourish my skin. It’s helped my skin recover and as a result, I no longer look like a corpse It sinks it immediately and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin. I use this during the day, and then alternate night use with the Inlight Night Balm. It’s no wonder this cream holds multiple awards!

I have to confess I am a skin cleanser hoarder but I am quite taken by the Miracle Cleanser* from Aurelia Skincare, It is a pretty new favourite of mine. The one I have is a small sampler size from a gift set but the one I’ve linked is the full size product. I remember at first thinking wow, this is so expensive. But like every green skincare brand I’ve tried so far, a little goes a long way. You don’t need loads which I really appreciate. This cleanser gives my skin a really nice glow and a good cleanse without stripping it and making it super dry. I’ll definitely be purchasing the full size when this eventually runs out.

After cleansing and before moisturizing, I really like to use the Organic Hemp Glow Mist by Rawgaia. It’s a floral water mixed with some skin loving cold pressed oils. So it gives my skin a nice moisture boost along with helping my moisturizing creams to penetrate my skin better. The one I have is for oily/combination skin which was perfect during the summer. I’m definitely curious to try their one for dry skin to see whether it helps give my skin a little extra TLC.


Deo and Pain Relief Green Skincare Favourites from Eco Brands

From L-R: CBD Balm from CBD Brothers, Arnica Massage Balm by Weleda, Deodorants by Earth Conscious and Awake Organics, Easy Breathe Balm by Herbfarmacy

It’s no secret, I am natural deodorant obsessed. I’m on a mission to find which ones work and which do not. Two of the best I’ve used are the Aura Clean Deodorant from Awake Organics (Who also makes fantastic skincare) and of course my all time fave, Earth Conscious. Both are pretty much on par with one another and I can always trust them to keep me fresh.

As it’s Winter, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll catch a cold at some point. Stuffy noses are a massive hate of mine but I find products like Vicks give me a raging headache and make my eyes stream. If you’re like me, then you’ll like the Easy Breathe Balm from Herbfarmacy. It’s made from natural ingredients, helps unblock my nose but doesn’t give me a headache. It also moisturises my skin pretty darn nicely. Win win!

Due to my chronic conditions, I get a lot of joint and muscular pain which I loathe taking painkillers for. I always prefer to try natural remedies where possible before considering painkillers. I’ve tried a few things over the years but by far the best products I’ve tried are the CBD Oil Balm from the CBD Brothers and the Arnica Massage Balm* by Weleda. Both really help my pain, especially my knees and back. The cold weather definitely affects these joints more and so I find myself using both products more often. But since they’re natural, I feel more comfortable doing this.


Eco Skin Lotions and Eczema Relief

From L-R: La Eva Lotion, Purepotions Skin Salvation, Herbfarmacy Skin Rescue Balm

I’m quite picky about body lotions as many I’ve tried have either been too thick or left an oily residue. I discovered La Eva earlier this year and honestly, this lotion is fab. Regardless of season, I find these just works so well for my skin. It sinks in without leaving any residue but it actually moisturizers my skin. The scent I have is called Blu which has an almost sweet sort of earthy scent. It’s not everyone’s cuppa tea but they do offer other scents.

A few months ago, I had an allergic reaction to my Tegaderm which left my skin weepy and blistered. Purepotions reached out and sent me their Skin Salvation ointment which helped so much. Not only did it help the blistered skin but also has been fantastic at dealing with dry patches and my eczema returning. Around the same time I got the Purepotions ointment, I purchased the Skin Rescue Balm from Herbfarmacy which I used in rotation on my skin from the allergic reaction. Between both products, my skin healed super fast. It’s also been great for my eczema. I can’t choose between which of these two products I liked best, so I included both.

I hope you enjoyed my Winter 2017 favourites! What are you currently loving? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. 29th November 2017 / 9:04 pm

    Lovely round up. I will give that Pure Potions shampoo a try, my scalp is a nightmare. Also so pleased you love Dafna’s it is one of my favourites Xx

    • Tamsin
      29th November 2017 / 10:34 pm

      Definitely give it a whirl. It’s helped Jacob so much. Ah yes, it’s amazing stuff. Still pinching myself that they sent me a jar xx

  2. 29th November 2017 / 9:25 pm

    That safety razor looks so pretty. I need to get one soon – I’ve been using one of my boyfriend’s razors that you can change the blades on and I’ve almost used the last blade up. It’s kind of annoying because the handle is perfectly fine, but the blades have plastic on them and come in stupid plastic packaging. I’m gonna pin that one because it looks so nice, and I like that it says it’s corrosion resistant too.
    I tend to get spots on my chin and one side of my mouth when it’s cold and I’m finding Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm as a moisturiser really good at helping with that.

    • Tamsin
      29th November 2017 / 10:35 pm

      The safety razor gives me the closest shave ever. Not to mention it’s easy to use and eco friendly. I think Content beauty (I linked in the post) have a percentage off if you sign up to their newsletter. I wish I’d found out about safety razors much sooner! I love that balm. Super multipurpose!