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Here at Eco Fluffy Mama, I primarily write about living a Green Lifestyle. This includes topics about zero waste, reusable/organic menstrual products, and almost anything eco friendly and organic – from eco friendly menstrual products and skincare to clothing and homeware/household products.

Eco Fluffy Mama is a fast growing and award winning blog. You can find full details of my achievements and publications here.

I really enjoy reviewing and writing about products that fit in with the style of my blog. If you’d like to get your brand featured on Eco Fluffy Mama, I offer:

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Christine from Earthwise Girls

I’ve worked with Tamsin several times, both with product reviews of our reusable nappy range and reusable menstrual pads and more recently with one of her advertising packages that includes social media promotion and sharing. The results from both have been very favourable. Although there may be bloggers you can go to if you want a guarantee of a positive review, Tamsin is better than that, her reviews are honest and heartfelt. As a brand, this was the sort of review that we really wanted, so we were delighted to let her put our products to the test.

More recently we’ve chosen to advertise with Tamsin on Eco Fluffy mama, and have been very happy with the volume of referral traffic we’ve received (7% of our traffic came from Eco Fluffy Mama in a 2 month period). She always goes above and beyond my expectations, and is keen to make sure that we’ve had everything we’ve paid for, and often more. If your brand is one that sits well with the Eco Fluffy Mama ethos, you should give it a go.


Angela from Earth Conscious

We have been working with Tamsin from the wonderful Eco Fluffy Mama blog for the past couple of years now and can’t recommend her enough. We get good referals and exposure from her site which is both great for our business, but also for the greater good of spreading the word and greener, natural and ethical living. We are looking forward to our continued journey of working together.


Carolyn A. DeForest, Ph.D.
Founder/President, Ruby’s Red Wash

When I sent Tamsin Hopkins, aka Eco Fluffy Mama, a bottle of Ruby’s Red Wash to review, I had no idea how my business would change. I should have fastened my seat belt. Although prior to her review, I had received inquiries almost weekly from individuals requesting the names of UK stockists for my product, and I had received several inquiries from stockists about carrying my product in their UK business, I had yet to be successful at obtaining a real presence in the UK. Then Eco Fluffy Mama wrote her review— and not only did I receive a wave of business on my website for individual orders from the UK, but I had multiple wholesale inquiries from online UK businesses wanting to stock my product.

In a matter of just a few weeks, my business went from 0 UK retailers to 7, from no presence to a very hefty start of one. Currently, just 8 months later, there are ten retailers of my product in the UK, and I attribute that to Tamsin’s review, which was well-written, thorough, descriptive, took the reader step-by-step through the use and effectiveness of my product—and did so with pictures! No one, myself included, has been brave enough or artful enough to actually depict the removal of blood stains and to do so without turning off readers. Tamsin knows her topics and she knows her readers.

Although I did not know this when I sent her my product, Tamsin does not just have plenty of followers of her blog. She has followers, in the real sense of the word, before Twitter, Facebook and all of social media diluted the real meaning of the word. Her readers are connected to her and she to them. Part of her mission is to provide women with the information they need to make good, healthy decisions for their menstrual health (and ultimately for the health of the planet), and she has no problem doing that. From where I sit, Tamsin is well-respected as a blogger, as an educator, a feminist, and a person. I and my business are happy to have found her.


Justine from Eco Dreams

Tamsin has been invaluable to growing our customer base. She really knows how to engage with her followers, and produce great campaigns. The most recent campaign was Ditch The Disposables 2015, which raised awareness of reusable menstrual products through use of social media and fun giveaways. Tamsin’s blog, Eco Fluffy Mama, is a wealth of knowledge on reusable menstrual products and green living. Her writing style is like chatting to a friend over a coffee, which means her followers have confidence in her reviews and informative posts. We have also advertised on Eco Fluffy Mama with good results. Tamsin is very easy to work with, and we would highly recommend working with her to promote your product or company.


Jo Crofts from Boobalou

I first approached Tamsin to review a product for the opening of my online eco store I asked her to review some family cloth roll by Made By Gituce. This is reusable cloth toilet roll that you can attached to your toilet roll holder. Also, a new product for the UK market. I had no doubt that she would write a fair and unbiased review. The review also demonstrated a simple “how to” for caring and using the wipes, which is really helpful for readers especially as it is a new product.

Tamsin has many followers on her blog, Facebook page and Twitter. She is a well-respected blogger, who speaks her mind. She has inspired many of her followers to ditch one more disposable product. What I like best about the way she writes is it’s not just about the product and promoting an ethical business. It’s about raising awareness of the important issue of waste. She has a big following and has helped many people switch to reusables.

Through her Ditch the Disposables campaign, I have been very impressed with her ability to invent and organise large online events. Which has proved she is a hard worker as well as an important blogger for promoting reusables and a green lifestyle.


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