I’ve been meaning to do a quarterly favourites post for some time now. But each time I thought about it, I ended up prioritizing another post. Well, I’ve finally sat down and snapped my current Winter 2017 skin and haircare faves to share with you all! These are all products I am super enthusiastic about right now. From organic hair baths, right through to CBD oil balm for sore joints. You’ll find an array of different products and brands featured here. Enjoy!

Green Haircare Faves

From L-R: Oway Silk ‘n Glow Hair Bath, Pure Potions Natural Shampoo, Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask, Evolve Hair Oil

The Oway silk ‘n glow hair bath and moisturizing hair masks are an absolute winter staple for my hair. I find with central heating that my hair seems to dry out quite a bit. Not to mention it gets quite fluffy. These two products help smooth my hair and add much needed moisture back, too. After my hair is dry, I love to add the hair oil from Evolve to the mid lengths and ends of my hair to give it extra nourishment. The oil is quite light, so it doesn’t weigh down hair. The natural shampoo from Purepotions isn’t something I personally use often on myself. However, I use it on my son a LOT. He has a very dry scalp that’s extremely dandruff prone. This is the only shampoo that’s worked for him. Plus it’s 99.9% natural which is a huge plus and very important to me. A must have if you have dandruff or eczema. View Post

Hello my lovelies! I can’t believe that the year has flown SO fast and that Christmas is nearly here. I’m totally unprepared. How about you? Just like last year, I’ve put together a little guide for you that features eco and green products to help you out. Much like last year, there will be a few affiliate links, which, as always, will be clearly marked. I’ve also included any discount codes I have with the brands mentioned so you can try save some money. I hope you enjoy my 2017 Christmas gift guide!

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Ermana Natural Skincare is a luxury skincare range that’s made right here in the UK, in Oxfordshire. Ermana makes a wonderful range of natural skincare using essential oils, botanicals and other natural ingredients. Founded by a lovely lady, Claire, Ermana has gone from strength to strength and has even won 2 awards for their products.

I was sent a Renew gift set to trial 2 of the Ermana products and below is my review.

Ermana Natural Skincare

Ermana Cleanse Balm

The cleanse balm is made from natural butters such as coconut, cocoa and shea. Along with sweet almond oil and essential oils that are known to help tone the skin. View Post

This post contains PR samples - all opinions are my own

A little while ago, a few readers asked me about my opinion on the deodorants available from Weleda. Being that I am a tad obsessed with reviewing natural deodorants, of course I got a couple to try out. It’s taken a good few months of testing but I think that it’s important to be as thorough as possible with things like this. After all, who wants stinky pits?!

Weleda Natural Spray Deodorant

Weleda Deodorant Review

I was sent three deodorants by Weleda to try: The spray version in citrus and wild rose, plus their roll on in citrus. View Post

Urtekram makes affordable, organic skincare that's cruelty free

Urtekram is a Danish organic brand that makes cruelty free skincare and haircare. Many of their products are vegan, plus they’re very affordable. I was recently sent some products to try out. Below is my review.

Aloe Vera Body Lotion

This body lotion says regenerating on the label, so is meant to be great for skin. With my recent issues with random allergic reactions, my skin has been very sore. Whilst this lotion didn’t help with the severe itching, it did help soothe my skin once the severe itching from my reactions had passed. The Aloe Vera lotion has a very thin consistency to it and is slightly watery. But that’s not a negative. I like that because it’s very lightweight. This would be perfect for people whose skin needs just a little moisture. I don’t think this would work well on very dry skin. View Post

This post contains PR samples - all opinions are my own. Links marked with a * are affiliate links. For full details please visit my Disclaimer page.

Modibodi is an Australian brand that makes period pants

Ever since I first discovered period pants I’ve been searching for new brands to try out and review. It’s great to have a selection of different options to choose from since we’re all different with needs and preferences. I especially love drawing attention to brands that are fantastic but aren’t quite getting the limelight they deserve. Modibodi is one of those brands, and was actually recommended to me by Lunette.

Who Are Modibodi?

Modibodi are an Australian based brand who make various different styles of period pants. They’ve been around for some time, originally starting up in 2013. But, for whatever reason, they’ve managed to fly under my radar until recommended by another brand. View Post

This post contains PR samples - all opinions are my own. Links marked with a * are affiliate links. For full details please visit my Disclaimer page.


It’s no secret that Earth Conscious is my favourite natural deodorant. So when Angela and I got talking about her launching a stick, I could barely contain my excitement (what can I say, I’m easily pleased). It feels like forever that we’ve been waiting for this stick deodorant to launch, and it’s finally here! View Post