Eco friendly way to descale your kettle with natural ingredients

I love a good cuppa or coffee, and so my kettle get’s used a lot. But that also means that it gets a coating of limescale inside quite frequently. It doesn’t help that I happen to live in a hard water area, either. For that reason, I find myself descaling my kettle a lot. I want it to last, but more importantly, I don’t want to be sipping on flecks of limescale. No thank you.

Prior to making my life a little greener, I would purchase those descaler powders or liquids from the supermarket. You know the ones I mean? The ones with the huge warnings printed everywhere about the substance being corrosive and not to inhale the fumes. Alarm bells should have been ringing a long time ago but, like many people, I thought that no one would ever make something that could be bad for my health. I can remember always being paranoid about rinsing my kettle out after using a descaler, so much so that I swore I could taste it in my tea. View Post

Eco Fluffy Mama is an Award Winning Green Blog

It’s been nearly a month since the awards ceremony for the UK Blog Awards 2017, and I am yet to write about it. It’s not through laziness or anything like that. But more that I am still in utter disbelief that I won. For weeks I kept expecting someone to email and say sorry, they made a mistake. I know that sounds utterly ridiculous. But for me, with my struggles with mental health, related to self-doubt, it felt like something that could happen.

When, almost all of your life, you’ve been told you’re not good enough or that you will fail, you start to believe it. And with the struggle of trying to get content out whilst battling severe health issues that have seen me admitted to hospital time and time again, I never for a second thought that I could ever win anything.

Even now, almost a month on, I am still a tad lost for words. I feel weird talking about it because I don’t want anyone thinking that I am bragging. Which I know is silly of me. I should be shouting it from the rooftops and I shouldn’t be ashamed of being proud! View Post

The PitRock crystal spray deodorant is ideal for people wanting a natural deodorant

I have sort of made it my mission to test out natural deodorants to find which ones truly work, and which do not. But, I didn’t stop to think about getting my partner to test any out for me to help out the guys. So when I was sent the PitRok men’s crystal spray deodorant by Big Green Smile, of course, I roped him into getting involved. I will refer to my partner in this post as C.

About The PitRok Men’s Deodorant

The PitRok crystal spray deodorant is by the same people who make the solid crystal deodorant. But instead of the solid crystal, this deodorant is in liquid spray form.

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Organic Vegan Soap from UK maker Corinne Taylor

When browsing on Instagram for UK based natural soapers, I discovered a lovely lady called Corinne. I had been looking for a natural soap that was gentle on the skin due to issues I’d been having. For some weird reason, my skin started to become more sensitive than usual and the smallest thing would cause a painful flare. I think it was partly down to medication. Anyway, I dropped Corinne a message to ask whether any of her soap was suitable for sensitive skin. She replied, suggested trying her sensitive soap. Before I could make a purchase, she kindly offered to send me a bar free of charge which I thought was really sweet.

Corinne is a qualified aromatherapist and has extensive knowledge due to working in her practice for many years. All of her products are made from scratch and are never tested on animals. View Post

This post contains affiliate links which are denoted with a *. For full details please visit my Disclaimer page.

Organicup Giveaway

You know, I feel like I deserve a gold star or something for all the giveaways I host! Joking aside, I am really blessed to work with brands who want to sponsor giveaways. It’s something I love doing as a way to give back to my readers.

Anyhoo, the lovely folks at OrganiCup have kindly sponsored a giveaway for not 1, not 2, but 5 of their cups. And it’s worldwide, too. Pretty awesome, right?

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I have Heterotaxy Syndrome with Polysplenia which almost always comes with heart issues

If there’s something that frustrates me, it’s medical professionals completely fobbing me off or down playing issues. Those of you who’ve been reading for a while will know that, in the simplest terms, my insides are scrambled. I recently found out that I actually have Heterotaxy Syndrome with Polysplenia (I will do a post about this another time). My local hospital never bothered to tell me about their latest discovery. Meaning that I found out by letter from my specialist consultant at another hospital, which detailed recent scans and diagnoses. Wonderful.

So here I am, utterly confused as to why this wasn’t picked up sooner and why I wasn’t told personally. I’d always thought that my particular anatomy matched that of Heterotaxy Syndrome, but I (wrongly) thought that it always accompanied heart issues. And because I’d never been told I had any, probably because no one has ever looked at my heart, it was a condition that I wrote off back in 2014. I think you might be able to see where this is going. View Post

Skin Elixir is an organic moisturiser which is made here in the UK

Since making the decision to live a greener life, I’ve been meaning to switch to my skincare over to something more green and natural. But with life being busy with a new baby during the time that I started changing my lifestyle, I just hadn’t got around to actually looking at green skin care. Meaning I’ve carried on buying stuff off the shelf from Boots and continued to whinge about the lack of results or causing irritation. That was until last year when I finally dove into the world of green skin care.

More recently, a lovely lady called Shona from Skin Elixir got in touch with me via Twitter when I tweeted out asking for recommendations. Shona asked if I’d like to try out her moisturiser if she sent me a jar, and of course, I said yes! I was only expecting a little trial/sample jar, but a whopping 60ml jar arrived. I was and still am SO thankful. View Post

This post contains PR samples - all opinions are my own.