Organicup Giveaway

You know, I feel like I deserve a gold star or something for all the giveaways I host! Joking aside, I am really blessed to work with brands who want to sponsor giveaways. It’s something I love doing as a way to give back to my readers.

Anyhoo, the lovely folks at OrganiCup have kindly sponsored a giveaway for not 1, not 2, but 5 of their cups. And it’s worldwide, too. Pretty awesome, right?

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I have Heterotaxy Syndrome with Polysplenia which almost always comes with heart issues

If there’s something that frustrates me, it’s medical professionals completely fobbing me off or down playing issues. Those of you who’ve been reading for a while will know that, in the simplest terms, my insides are scrambled. I recently found out that I actually have Heterotaxy Syndrome with Polysplenia (I will do a post about this another time). My local hospital never bothered to tell me about their latest discovery. Meaning that I found out by letter from my specialist consultant at another hospital, which detailed recent scans and diagnoses. Wonderful.

So here I am, utterly confused as to why this wasn’t picked up sooner and why I wasn’t told personally. I’d always thought that my particular anatomy matched that of Heterotaxy Syndrome, but I (wrongly) thought that it always accompanied heart issues. And because I’d never been told I had any, probably because no one has ever looked at my heart, it was a condition that I wrote off back in 2014. I think you might be able to see where this is going. View Post

Skin Elixir is an organic moisturiser which is made here in the UK

Since making the decision to live a greener life, I’ve been meaning to switch to my skincare over to something more green and natural. But with life being busy with a new baby during the time that I started changing my lifestyle, I just hadn’t got around to actually looking at green skin care. Meaning I’ve carried on buying stuff off the shelf from Boots and continued to whinge about the lack of results or causing irritation. That was until last year when I finally dove into the world of green skin care.

More recently, a lovely lady called Shona from Skin Elixir got in touch with me via Twitter when I tweeted out asking for recommendations. Shona asked if I’d like to try out her moisturiser if she sent me a jar, and of course, I said yes! I was only expecting a little trial/sample jar, but a whopping 60ml jar arrived. I was and still am SO thankful. View Post

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Plastic Free & Zero Waste Tips For Earth Day

Image created for Eco Fluffy Mama by Sarah Docker

It’s Earth Day, woohoo! I find that this is a day when I reflect upon environmental issues and what I can do to help. If there’s one thing that has really been on my mind, it’s plastic pollution in our seas, oceans and on beaches. I know that I’ve already spoken about it before, but this is a serious issue. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish¹. Scary right? And that’s not all; because of microplastics in our waterways, plastic is entering the food chain². Heck, even whales and birds are ingesting plastic carrier bags. We desperately NEED to make changes. View Post

As some of you know, I’ve been on the look out for eco and organic cotton menstrual product brands to review, and recently came across TOTM. I know that reusable menstrual products aren’t for everyone. So I feel it’s important to try and review eco/organic disposables that are as kind to our bodies and the planet as possible. Especially since roundup weedkiller was found in tampons and pads. Scary, right?

TOTM make organic cotton tampons and pads and offer a personalized subscription service or one-off purchasing. They very kindly sent both tampons and pads, but I am only reviewing the pads (despite trying, I still cannot use tampons since having my son).

TOTM Organic Cotton Pads Review

TOTM Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads Review

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Lunapanties Period Pants Giveaway

I am SO excited to bring you an awesome giveaway from one of my favourite brands, Lunapads. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I absolutely love Lunapads. Not just because they make awesome products. But because they are a kick-ass inclusive brand who give a shit about their transgender and non-binary customers. Which is why I am super happy that I am able to bring you this giveaway.

Lunapanties by Lunapads – Period Pants

Up for grabs is a pair of Lunapanties. There’s a choice between their all-new Boxer Brief, Selene Bikini and Selene Brief (high waisted). Winner gets to choose which one they’d prefer, and pick their size. Awesome, right?

How To Enter The Lunapanties Giveaway

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Before getting into a greener way of living, and then zero waste, my bathroom used to be cram packed full of product after product. Multiple bottles of shampoo for different needs and shower gels/bubble baths lined up on the edge of the bathtub, and other supposed ‘essentials’ stacked up on shelves. Of course, I always moaned about how expensive it was for all those bits, and how the bathroom always felt cluttered. But I didn’t know any different. And to me, this was normal.

Looking back now I am absolutely horrified about my excessive consumption of products and the waste generated from just one area of my life. In a bid to help you declutter and ease into zero waste, I’ve put together a few tips for things that I feel are zero waste bathroom essentials.

Switching To Zero Waste Bathroom Products Can Help Save Waste View Post

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