Before getting into a greener way of living, and then zero waste, my bathroom used to be cram packed full of product after product. Multiple bottles of shampoo for different needs and shower gels/bubble baths lined up on the edge of the bathtub, and other supposed ‘essentials’ stacked up on shelves. Of course, I always moaned about how expensive it was for all those bits, and how the bathroom always felt cluttered. But I didn’t know any different. And to me, this was normal.

Looking back now I am absolutely horrified about my excessive consumption of products and the waste generated from just one area of my life. In a bid to help you declutter and ease into zero waste, I’ve put together a few tips for things that I feel are zero waste bathroom essentials.

Switching To Zero Waste Bathroom Products Can Help Save Waste View Post

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I’m all about spreading happiness and joy, and when I received a lovely gift set from Silly Panda recently, I decided that I absolutely had to share it with you. So I went out and purchased one just for a giveaway, for you lovely lot.

Vegan Skincare & Cloth Pad Gift Set Giveaway

Each Pampered Panda Luxe box contains different items. But this one that I purchased for a giveaway contains: View Post

Zero Waste Bamboo Toothbrush For Eco Friendly People

There’s no denying that the Zero Waste movement is gaining a lot of momentum. Thanks to many people turning to blogging about their journey with Zero Waste, there’s been a huge spotlight shone upon our atrocious plastic problem. It’s everywhere. We are literally surrounded by plastic, and it’s been estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans¹.

I’m often asked ‘what changes should we make?’ and there’s one thing that I feel is super easy but important to change; your toothbrush. With 4.7 billion toothbrushes being made annually², which we are advised to change every 3 months, it seems a pretty important item to switch to a more sustainable and eco-friendly option ASAP. View Post

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Love Your Pits natural deodorant is made by a brand called Lotus Therapies Whitstable. The brain behind the brand is a wonderful lady called Caroline who offers other products such as lip balms, skin balms, and perfumes along with therapies like reflexology, hydrotherm massage, and ayurvedic facial massage.

Caroline sent me through one of her natural deodorants as a starter kit to try and my review is below.

A natural deodorant is a staple in a zero waste lifestyle and ideal for eco conscious people

Love Your Pits Natural Deodorant Review

Love Your Pits natural deodorant comes in a little metal tin. Like many natural deodorants that I’ve seen, this is a paste formula that you apply directly to the underarm, rubbing into the skin. View Post

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Bloom & Nora is a brand of cloth pads, created by the award-winning brand, Tots Bots. I was lucky enough to be contacted by Tots Bots and asked to review their new cloth pads. I won’t waffle on too much about the brand since I already wrote an introduction to Bloom & Nora cloth pads a little while ago. My review of the Bloom pads from Bloom & Nora is below:

Bloom And Nora Cloth Pads Are Made By Award Winning Nappy Brand TotsBots

Bloom & Nora Cloth Pads – Ft ‘Divine Creator’ print by Tiny Clementine and Daysy Fertility Monitor

Sizing & Absorbency Details

I was sent the ‘Bloom’ version from the Bloom & Nora range.

Bloom Midi (Regular/Moderate) – Length 9″ | Width 2.5″ | Width At Ends 3.5″

Bloom Mighty (Heavy & Night) – Length 11.5″ | Width 3″ | Width At Ends 4″

Materials – Topper: 70% bamboo 30% cotton | Core: Microfiber | Backing: Waterproof PUL View Post

This post contains PR samples - all opinions are my own.

Green Beauty Can Help The Environment

When I first began using green beauty products, I tried to get everyone in my life on board. I saw the benefits, why didn’t they?

Now I realize that the benefits aren’t always apparent for someone who doesn’t have the time to do lots of research on ingredients and their effects on our health and environment.

Today I want to break things down for you so you can get a quick look at why green beauty is so important for our health and for our environment.

Our Health & Wellness

When I realized how many harmful chemicals are in our beauty products, I had to stop using them. I just couldn’t stand the thought of putting them on my skin again. View Post

Rare Disease Day

Today is Rare Disease Day and Tamsin has kindly let me, Shona from Shona Louise, take over her blog to tell you a little bit about the day and its importance. I have a rare condition called Marfan Syndrome and February is the awareness month for my condition, so I’ve been educating and informing people all month long. But Rare Disease Day brings around a different opportunity for me. I don’t think people know what life is like living with a rare disease, so this day that falls on the last day of February each year really is so important.


The day was established in 2008. It was created to improve access to treatment and medical representation for individuals with rare diseases and their families. The European Organisation for Rare Diseases recognized that treatment for rare diseases is often insufficient, as well as there not being enough emotional support for sufferers and families. The day then went global and now it is celebrated and recognized all over the world, bringing together sufferers in the process which is so important as it can often be a lonely experience having a rare condition. View Post