Well it seems I am not reviewing my nappies quick enough (*pouts at Bree*), so here I am with another review.

The TotsBots Easyfits V3 are an AIO (all in one), meaning that the entire nappy is one piece. So there is no seperate absorbant insert. It’s all part and parcel of the enture thing. It is also a birth to potty in terms of sizing, due to adjustable rise, and will fit from approx 8-35lbs.

I’ve used these before when Jacob was quite small, and I really liked them. They come in a large range of colours/prints, have a choice of velcro or popper fastening, and are very simple to use. The retail price starts from £15.99 for plain colours.

The applix version is super easy and is like putting on a disposable, so very user friendly. Unfortunately they’re not my fave for toddlers who find it amusing to take off their nappy. So for us now we have poppers. The poppers are very strong, so a toddler would have a hard time getting it off. My personal peeve with the snaps is that they are equally hard to snap shut – you really need to give them a good squeeze to snap them shut. But with that said, atleast they’re not going to pop open! View Post

I’m still updating photos. Please bear with me!

Firstly a quick mention to Babi Pur, for amazing service! Despite the Christmas rush, my order arrived within 2 days. Huzzah! If you’re looking for a reputable retailer, then look no further. All of my orders have been dispatched quickly and they’re a super friendly bunch!


Anyway… The Wonderoos v3 is a pocket nappy and retails at around £13. On first impressions it looked quite generous in sizing, which is a huge plus as many BTP nappies come up small. I chose the minky version, so it was lovely and squashy (purple, as always 😉 ). The stitching is very neat and the poppers open and close in a very positive way. No sticking or difficult to snap shut. View Post


Yesterday I ordered a Milovia pocket nappy from Fill Your Pants.

Milovia are a new brand to the UK, and are shipped over from Poland.

On first impressions, it looks lovely. The stitching is neat and all the poppers press shut nicely with a flush finish. The outer of the nappy is made from printed PUL in a super cute print, with the inner made from crisp white microfleece. So there’s no need for use of a fleece liner as a stay dry layer.

It is a one sized nappy from 8-35lbs, so birth to potty. I love the leg and back elastics which haven’t left red marks.

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I’ve already done a  Teeny Tiny Tush review, but they were plain workhorses.

Today I am reviewing an embroidered nappy, that finally arrived from Australia yesterday.

For those of you that have read my other review, you will know that TTT are my favourite brand of nappy. They are simply the best fit on the small boy, and the insert is the thirstiest we’ve ever tried.

A few weeks ago, I had some money burning a hole from a small lotto win, and decided I wanted another TTT, but this time something embroidered. So I had a look through previous albums of Kyla’s completed work, and fell in love with a ‘horror’ nappy she had done. Nice blood drip down the front with spliced red minky, and an embroidery on the bum. I went for a dracula one on the bum, and it looks awesome.




Again, the stitching on the nappy itself is perfect with no twisting of the tummy or back elastic (Which has happened on some other brands I have tried). The poppers all snap shut properly and they’ve even been colour matched to the nappy!

The splicing on the front is spot on with no stray bits beyond the outer stitching, and also the dracula embroidery is neat with no thead skipping.

All in all, fantastic. I really cannot fault Kyla’s work. If I had to be picky, the only thing I could say is that I think it’s rubbish she lives in Aus, and should move here so postage would be cheaper 😉



So today the postie brought me some wonderful fluffy mail in the form of cloth pads from Environmenstrual Modern Cloth Pads.

Environmenstrual is run by a lovely lady called Rachel, who is the brains behind it all. She makes beautiful, environmentally friendly and healthy alternatives to disposable cloth pads. And let me tell you, they ARE beautiful.

I tore through the packing like a kid at a birthday party, and I wasn’t disappointed. Staring back at me were 3 beautiful 16″ pads.

Now, this is where it might get a little confusing as Rachel normally does not do cotton tops on her pads, but instead, uses them as the backing. I ordered 2 pads like this, with pretty prints that are on the back of the pad, and 1 pad with the cotton print on the top.

The 1 with the cotton top has PUL as a waterproof layer and is backed with cord. And the other 2 are cotton backed, PUL waterproof layer – one has microfleece topping and the other bamboo terry. I’ve never ever used microfleece or bamboo terry top, so I am intruiged to see how they perform. But knowing with cloth nappies how fleece is actually a stay dry layer, I have high hopes for the fleece topped one.

I can’t actually fully review these right now, as it’s the wrong time of the month, hence this being first impressions. So here are my thoughts with some photos:

This is my cotton topped/cord backed –

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